Location plays the most crucial in coffee agronomy:

Chepsangor coffee farms are located at the Nandi Hills in a highland area of lush green rolling hills at the edge of the Great Rift Valley in the southwestern part of Kenya.

The coordinates of Chepsangor Hills, Kenya are:0°06’01.0″N, 35°10’35.0″E (Latitude:0.100278; Longitude:35.176389) and lies at an elevation of between 1750-2000 meters above sea level.

Coupled with rich volcanic soils, Arabica coffee thrives in Chepsangor with some of the world’s greatest coffee varieties of SL 28, Ruiru II, and Batian.

Chepsangor Coffee is focused on environmental sustainability and therefore ensures that soil health is a priority in their agronomy practices. Soil testing is done at the farms every year which informs the decisions on crop nutrition. Terracing, manuring, zero-till, inter-cropping with indigenous trees, pruning, and beekeeping for purposes of pollination are mandatory practices at Chepsangor farms.

Red-ripe cherries are handpicked from the coffee trees and processed within 8 hours.